Textile – simulated from the digital into the real world – No. 3/3 – The virtual Fold

“The Fold” is, one could say in an exaggerated way, the representation of textile behavior and a widespread “criterion” whether a thing or a process has at least textile features.

“No. 3/3 – The virtual Fold” deals with the question of how the design of real textile surfaces can be inspired when virtual textile phenomena from the CAD software Blender are simulated into our real world? The textile surface questions the contemporary understanding of textile behavior and its inherent expectations by showing new and unexpected behavior simulated from the virtual space. In this project the “hypocenter” of the virtual fold is a cut!

The project “No. 3/3 – The virtual Fold” is part 3 next to  “No. 1/3 – The graphical Fold” and “No. 2/3 – The threedimensional Fold” of a project that deals with textile phenomena in certain contexts and in particular with “The Fold”. In this part of the project the fold is communicated by a cut.

Wooden chairs by Kai Bullach.