Textile typeface – No. 1/3 – The graphical Fold

“The Fold” is, one could say in an exaggerated way, the representation of textile behavior and a widespread “criterion” whether a thing or a process has at least textile features.

“No.1/3 – The graphical Fold” is a font on an experimental level based on the phenomenon of wrinkling when writing on textile with a felt pen.

From the Typeface “House” by Oliver Häusle, wooden templates of each letter and some special characters were made in order to concentrate on the phenomenon of wrinkling. The textile interpretations of the typeface were created on a piece of cotton fabric that is about 6 meters long. The large piece of fabric can be folded and fixed in a 1m x 1.5m frame and presented as a poster.

The project “No.1/3 – The graphical Fold” is part 1 next to  “No.2/3 – The threedimensional Fold” and  “No.3/3 – The virtual Fold” of a project that deals with textile phenomena in certain contexts and in particular with “The Fold”. In this part of the project the fold is communicated by a gap.