Mokkapikknikk – Outdoor portable mokka coffee set

As the most original method of coffee brewing, the Mokka Coffee – or Turkish coffee – has a high cultural value which is specifically transported through the tapered shape of the pot (Cezve in turkish) and the time that you take for yourself and your friends to prepare it.

The Mokkapikknikk includes a cezve with a collapsible handle, cups in ceramics that can be piled up on the pot, a spoon and small bags containing coffee powder and sugar. A protective cloth keeps all the elements together so as to be easily carried in a backpack in case of a picnic.


Production of the prototype in collaboration with:

Stainless steel Cezve by Craftsman Eugen Heidt from Metalldrückerei Hinderer – Kornwestheim/Stuttgart, Germany

Ceramics by Artist and Sculptor Susanne Hoffmann from Studio SUHO – Stuttgart, Germany


The project is exhibited in the contemporary section of the exhibition „Coffee East & West“ at the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem – open until May 2022.