Machine Tool 4.0

This Machine Tool concept is a re-conceptualisation in the context of industry 4.0 and the CI of the machine tool manufacturer Hermle AG. This company stands for tradition, precision and professionalism and the context industry 4.0 for transparency, monitoring and networking of all stakeholders of a value creation.

The Design 4.0 has large taut surfaces which embody strength and timelessness. The basic shape is due to regular geometries and keeps the tradition and conservatism in. The great insight into the production space offers high transparency and  the red belt and the trapezoidal elements embody the CI of the Hermle AG.

The Function 4.0 enables a digitally customer-network with suppliers and the pre- and postproduction with an automated workpiece feed and discharge. The Machine Tool shows personalized information of important production parameters on a clearly arranged display to the operator.