Exhibition design and portrait series – We represent ID

I and Nandan Wolfer curated and designed the exhibition „We represent ID“ of the Industrial Design department of the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart as part of the annual „Rundgang“ in the summer of 2019.

In the exhibition design we focused on the personalities behind the Industrial Design Department at ABK-Stuttgart. In addition to portraying each student, professor and employee of the department, in-depth insights into the peoples stories and projects were shown on a website specially designed for the exhibition. Each person and each project was assigned a separate QR code that led directly to the website: https://abk-id.com/. Instead of classic explanatory texts for each of the 9 exhibition rooms, the students were projected life-size onto the walls and explained their projects personally.

Website Design and Coding in collaboration with Patrick Thomas, Oliver Häusle, Justus Heuschele, Marius Stepanek and Mike Razniewski!