Conscious Unconsciousness – Design against overconsumption

Design for against overconsumption.

What products and product details promote over-consumption? When do we consume unconsciously?
The focus of the project is no longer materiality, production or ergonomics/usability, but the conscious use of product features that increase over-consumption.
Only a small change on the product makes it more tangible and conscious in the perception. It sneaks into everyday life. A hanger, a faucet and a light switch.

The hanger throws your clothes on the floor if you have not worn them for a long time.

With the faucet you only get the water you have previously determined in quantity. The first pressure determines the amount of water. If you let go, the water will run until the predetermined amount has been used up.

The light switch nudges you to turn the light off when leaving the room.


This project has been awarded as winner at the 2019 ein&zwanzig design competition. It was exhibited from 09-14 april 2019 at Via Tortona 31 during Salone del Mobile in Milano.

It also received a Special Mention and was exhibited within the Pure Talents Contest of the imm cologne 2019 from the 14th to the 20th of January 2019.