Photostudio interior – 20m² Photostudio on wheels

The self-initiated project deals with the conception and implementation of a photo studio for the Industrial Design course at the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart. With a low-budget and improvised approach, the photo studio was renovated and built as best as possible with existing and found and low-cost materials.

The starting point was an approx. 20m² room that had previously also been used as a self-managed photo studio by the students. Since not many students felt responsible for the room, it has also been used as a storage room and bought equipment has been stolen over time. My self-imposed task was therefore to rethink the small room in terms of maximum usability and to develop a lending system for equipment. The result is a photo studio that stores all the equipment in a rollable closet and thus makes the best possible use of the 20m² room.

The folding table for the photostudio specially designed and made by me can be used for photo and video recordings when the laptop is used as a live view and for storing other things. The table is foldable and can be stowed on the rollable closet. After unfolding, the table is fixed and stiffened by a joint and a pin that was originally used in the boat sector. The table is made of solid ash wood, maritime pine tops and all metal parts are out of stainless steel.

Cross braces on the ceiling serve as a hanging option for colored backdrops and also serve as a hanging option for various objects.

The existing equipment can now be viewed at the locked door. Everything was documented and labeled. One can now also look into the photostudio through a peephole and check whether you are disturbing someone while they are taking pictures.

All equipment is labeled and stored in the rollable closet, which can also be rolled out of the room if more space is required. A loading option is integrated on the back of the closet, on which a table top, 2 trestles and the foldable table and other things can be fixed.